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We help professionals like you negotiate:

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Higher Salaries / Larger Bonuses

Better Work Arrangements

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More Paid Time Off

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"You'll earn $1 - $1.5 million more by the end of your career by negotiating a better salary."


"You should always negotiate your salary; never, under any circumstance, accept the first offer."


"76% of people regret not asking for a higher salary during an initial interview."


The model is simple:

when you succeed we succeed


Simple. Straight forward. And totally worth it.

Take charge of your future.
(it's never too early or late)

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Message from the founder


Darius Golkar

Over the past 10 years I have helped people like you enjoy better lives by working with them to negotiate higher salaries, larger bonuses, better compensation packages and more paid time off.  

It can be difficult advocating for yourself, especially when negotiating against professionals, but do not settle for less because you think there is no room for negotiations or are afraid to ask. 

There is always room to negotiate; and negotiating is actually better for you and your employer in the short and long term. 

By negotiating, your employer takes you more seriously, communication is better from the start, you achieve mutual understanding faster, and you value each other more. Making more money is secondary.

This human side of negotiating is something I love and, as it turns out, is something I am good at and that is why I started the Golkar Group:  to help more people achieve their personal and professional goals and enjoy better lives

I use a risk-free success driven model so we can work together one-on-one free of worry and focus on achieving your goals.